About us

Classic & Elegant Imagery. Raw & Genuine Emotions. Visual Poetry. No gimmicky tricks , No unrealistic Bollywood moments. Only Timeless Stories.

Shreya Sen Photography was born out of an extension of observing and studying human emotions & relationships for many years. It was a nagging need to be more than just a silent observer.A conscious decision to be a part of stories of love, happiness and life.

We are a Mumbai based multiple award winning, professional team established in 2013. Providing services in Creative Photography primarily in India and around the world. We truly, madly, genuinely love weddings and traveling. We also specialize in photographing maternity, newborn babies and kids.

We strive to capture stories that hold the real, raw emotions of the moment and your connections. Stories that also reflect your  soul and essence.  That truly reflects the quirks and dynamics of your love. Stories that feel personal and unique. That make you smile even 20 years from now.

If we had to describe our style, it is a mix of photojournalistic and influence of beautiful, elegant editorial styled portraits. We personally love minimalism, clean lines & empty spaces in our composition. We gravitate towards the little and big details of the story. The elements between the lines that can often tug something deeper within us. We consistently try to infuse a certain softness and grace to our images. At every point, consciously pushing a connection to the emotion with every image. 

We book only a limited number of weddings most seasons. We have to emphasize that a lot of what we capture comes from our client’s ability to TRUST us even before the shoot. We make a lot of effort to get to know our clients and see to it that they feel comfortable and in their own skin and develop a mutual trust with us. We understand everyone cringes at the thought of the awkward posed photographs. But in order to constantly deliver genuine emotions and intimacy, we request clients through a series of calls or meetings to build that relationship with us.  It is extremely important for us that your requirements matches with our style of work.  If we are touched by our work, love little details, like a certain abstract poetry in your images, understand the value of these precious moments,  appreciate a certain simplicity and elegance  and would like a team who blends in almost like a family or friend  then you would be our ideal client.  We really would be honoured to be a part of your celebrations and create memories together. We are a warm, passionate deeply involved team who want to give our clients the best we can.

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